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Pursuance of Justice

by Sid De Beer


He admitted to himself, that he missed the cut, thrust, and thrill of the chase, being a CIA agent...

As a CIA agent, he had played his part in getting rid of dangerous people, and in some small way, made the world a better place. 

Happily married and retired, he somehow found himself involved again, trying to solve numerous problems. 


Director Heathcott reached out to him, to help save his family.


Needed to get rid of a major drug dealer, who he deemed responsible for the death of his cousin and his wife’s best friend. 


Iran acquired US Apache helicopters from the Taliban when our President left billions of dollars of military equipment behind in Afghanistan. Gives a whole new meaning to being shot with your own equipment.


Firmly believed that what he did is fully justified, because the judicial system is skewed in favor of those who commit heinous crimes.


Civil libertarian judges continue to merely give those who have committed serious crimes a slap on the wrist or a short-term sentence.


He wondered why there was so much hatred in the world.


The world has become a dangerous place and needs to be rid of criminals that commit serious crimes, and not give them a holiday in prison at the tax payer’s expense.

The retired agent and death are inextricably linked.

Available through...

Ebook & Paperback

Australian Printed Paperback


“Delighted that you chose to continue the story, and bring the agent out of retirement.”

-Alex D.

“Wish there were more people in the world like this agent, to get rid of the bad guys”

- Gio C.

“In a world that seems to have so many crooked people in it, we need someone like him to clear the swamp.”

-Bevan W.

“Loved reading his escapades.”

-James A.

“Hope some movie producer, picks it up and makes a movie of it” 

-Jacob S.

'Glad you decided to write a sequel, because you left us wondering what would happen next.'

-Steven Brown

'Really scary, because this could possibly happen.'

-Layla Smith

'Amazing that the agent is called on to solve so many problems.'

-Pepe Sanchez

'Hope something like this never happens.'

-Zack Armadale

'Similar to the New World Order taking place right now. Scary, real scary.'

-Timothy Brown 

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