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Open Book

"Enjoyed the book with the various twists and turns which made for interesting reading. Had to concentrate on the various aliases. Great first effort."

- Peter W.

Love the stories of the CIA.

Kept me wondering what the agent’s next assignment would be.

- Stephen G.

Scary if something like that ever becomes a reality.

- Caroline S.

Great first effort. Well done.

- Arthur H.

Wow, the love scenes were interesting.

- Gail J.

CIA turned him into a ruthless killer.

- Gabby B.

I thought it was a creative piece of work and know that the CIA are a very secretive organisation. CIA quote in their foyer ‘And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ Yeah right. Turned an “A Class” student into a killer.

- Jessi M.

Found it a little difficult to follow all the aliases, however once I got my head around it, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

- Silvia H.

Loved it. Nicely set up for a sequel. Look forward to your next book.

- Dominic Z.

Kept me entertained.

- Joseph W.

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